World Of Warcraft

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The Sims 1

See also: The Sims 1 Wallpaper. The Sims 2. The Sims 3. The Sims 4. The Sims 4 Wallpaper. The Sims Freeplay. The Sims Logo. The Sims Wallpaper.

Thirty Years of Tetris and Some Awesome Tetris Wallpapers

Six years before the fall of the Soviet Union, in an apartment in Moscow, Alexei Pajitnov, an engineer passionate of computers spent his free time developing a video game that combined his love for puzzles with his experience in computing. Short after, Pajitnov showed his game at a local competition and won the second place. There was no first place, they said. Alexei never understood this, but he took it as another weird aspect of the Communist system. He was just informed that his game got a really good score. 30 years later, Tetris is more than a game to win local competitions, but an international phenomenon. It broke numerous records, such as the most sold game on mobile platforms with 75 million copies, being…

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Super Mario Anniversary 30 Years

Nintendo sold over 300 million copies of Super Mario in 1985, when the game appeared for the first time. Mario has the same statute in computers world as the one of Mickey Mouse for animated movies. The character was inspired by the landlord of the building where US Nintendo was headquartered. He had a carefully trimmed mustache and clothes like the ones of Mario. The designer of the game. Shigeru Miyamoto imagined the character as Italian, and decided to name him Mario. The famous hat was more like a necessity, as 30 years ago, the designers were not able to make the hair move.

League Of Legends

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3D Pacman Wallpapers

See also: Ms Pacman. Original Pacman. Pacman. Pacman And The Ghostly Adventures. Pacman And The Ghostly Adventures Wallpaper. Pacman Background. Pacman Ghost. Pacman Ghost Wallpaper. Pacman Logo. Pacman Maze Wallpaper. Pacman Wallpaper. Pacman Wallpaper Ipad. Pacman Wallpaper Iphone.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil is more than a PC game, it is a franchise, a series of popular movies, and one of the basics of the zombie culture See also: Resident Evil 1. Resident Evil 1 Wallpaper. Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4 Wallpaper. Resident Evil 6. Resident Evil 6 Wallpaper. Resident Evil Game. Resident Evil Iphone Wallpaper. Resident Evil Movie. Resident Evil Movie Wallpaper. Resident Evil Wallpaper. Resident Evil Wallpaper Umbrella. Resident Evil Zombies.

Starcraft Saga

Starcraft is one of the most expensive but also played game in the world, a part of the Blizzard history and of computer gaming generally. Maybe the best strategy game of all times See also: Starcraft 1. Starcraft 1 Wallpaper. Starcraft Boats. Starcraft Kerrigan. Starcraft Logo. Starcraft Wallpaper. Starcraft Wallpaper 1920×1080. Starcraft Wallpaper Kerrigan. Starcraft Wallpaper Protoss. Starcraft Wallpaper Terran. Starcraft Zerg. Starcraft Zerg Wallpapers.

Counter Strike 1.6 Wallpaper

See also: Counterstrike. Counterstrike Global Offensive. Counter Strike Global Offensive Wallpaper. Counterstrike Logo. Counterstrike Ranks. Counter Strike Source. Counter Strike Wallpaper. Counter Strike Wallpaper 1920. Counter Strike Wallpaper 1920×1080. Counter Strike Wallpaper Iphone. Counter Strike Wallpaper Terrorists.

Final Fantasy

See also: Final Fantasy 1. Final Fantasy 13 Wallpaper. Final Fantasy 14 Wallpaper. Final Fantasy 15. Final Fantasy 6 Wallpaper. Final Fantasy 7. Final Fantasy 7 Wallpaper. Final Fantasy 8 Wallpaper. Final Fantasy Characters. Final Fantasy Female Characters. Final Fantasy Logo. Final Fantasy Wallpaper. Final Fantasy X Wallpaper.

Grand Theft Auto 1

See also: Grand Theft Auto. Grand Theft Auto 3 Wallpaper. Grand Theft Auto 4 Wallpaper. Grand Theft Auto 5 Wallpaper 1600×900. Grand Theft Auto 6. Grand Theft Auto Logo. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Wallpaper. Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Grand Theft Auto Vice City Wallpaper. Grand Theft Auto Wallpaper. Grand Theft Auto Women.

Half Life

See also: Half Life 1. Half Life 1 Wallpaper. Half Life 2. Half Life 3. Half Life Combine Wallpaper. Half Life Games. Half Life Logo. Half Life Logo Wallpaper. Half Life Science. Half Life Wallpaper. Half Life Wallpaper 1920×1080. Half Life Wallpaper Gman. Half Life Wallpaper Iphone.

Dota 2 playing ALL heroes?

Mastering a single hero is already hard as it is with so many skill and item builds, not to speak about the combinations with other heroes, learning ranges and what not, so why should anyone spend more time learning more than two or three and use them in rotation? Well, except for the surprise of finding more heroes that fit to your play-stile and adding to your flexibility, there are reasons why every pro player has went trough all heroes at list a few times. Usually, when you play a hero for the first time you have difficulty in getting your head straight with all the spells and items. You feel it’s too much to do or you are doing stuff in the wrong order.…

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Dota 2 community guides

Dota 2 has a community built on trust and camaraderie. At the tournaments you can see both the public and the players displaying true sportsmanship by a positive and friendly attitude. This shows how mature and friendly the community is as a whole. As such, we at DotaGeeks do not think ourselves outside of this community but instead embrace it. We are not gods, but men, and know how to relay on one another. We might not know all, but we know all who know a bit, and so, by piece together bits and pieces we can come to know a whole, to improve ourselves and the game as we march forth. Here are some places where your knowledge might improve: The place where…

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Na`Vi Vs Team Secret

Team Na’Vi meets Team Secret in SL i-League EU. Main event takes place in Minsk, Belarus. Enjoy these VOD’s. Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Hope you enjoyed these games of Dota 2.

DotA 2 dictionary to slang or What the hell are you saying?

You might be new to Dota or you might be not, but there is always an abundance of terms that players create to keep communication as smooth as possible. Even if it’s preferable to use the voice chat in game, there is always the possibility that someone on your team is lacking a microphone or doesn’t speak the same language. There are times when someone types “inc sb sb” or “ss top” and knowing what that means can be the difference between life and death. But do not be discouraged, the Geeks are here to help! For that purpous here are some of the most common terms used in the European/American scenes: Areas: top;bot;mid – the three lanes on the map, following the logical reasoning…

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Shanghai Major Qualifier results are out! Winter Major Coming Up

The Winter Shanghai Major results are out and the battle is closing in! The prize is set to 3.000.000 USD and the teams are preparing for the second tournament of the Dota Major Championships. As the qualifiers have ended, let’s take a look at the 16 teams that have set their eyes on the prize: Invited: OG, Evil Geniusses, Team Secret, EHOME, CDEC Gaming, Vici Gaming, Virtus Pro, Alliance Qualified: Europe: Team Liquid, Team Spirit; America: Team Archon, compLexity Gaming; China: LGD Gaming, Newbee; SEA: Fnatic, MVP Pheonix; Prepare for the biggest winter tournament where the strongest teams will face off starting 02.03.2016 and see who will be the best team of the 6.86C patch on 06.03.2016.

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