Dota International Pool Hits 9 million


We are all counting and we are sure it will get to 15 million dollars. The Only question is when. Feel free to contribute to the compendium and to get the latest rewards.


The basic pool was 1.6 million dollars, 25% of the incomes going to this pool even as you read these lines. As the 9 million dollars was an important milestone, people that already bought it can enjoy new features in Dota 2:
The Wyvern Hatching Courier has been added to the purchasers. The Wyvern also comes with some new skins, of course.

Pretty soon the 10 million goal will be reached, and with 75 days remained to the big event, we are sure it will be reached pretty soon! Don’t forget to download Dota 2 if you still don’t have it and to install the new patches coming with some minor fixes.

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