League of Legends: The Success Story of a Memorable Game


In one of the halls that belonged to MGM decades ago, a modern network of computers watches the multimillion-user business which is today League of Legends. Most likely, the producers and actors came here to see the premiere of future box office hits. Today, there are different types of projections on the big screen, usually internal championships of League of Legends This is the home of Riot Games, a company in while employees dye their hair in the colors of the company.

League of Legends

How do you make employees to love your company? By giving your company an image of freshness, youth and success. Riot Games is the revelation of gaming. League of Legends is a game without violence and blood that grew massively during the latest decade. Every day, tens of millions of people access League of Legends, and the yearly League of Legends Championships come with prized of millions of dollars.

League of Legends 1

The secret of LoL? The rules are simple: every player can choose one of the available heroes, and he must join a team of five people. This is all. The winning team must advance on the Nexus of the opponent team and to destroy it. This means at least 30-40 minutes of playing.

League of Legends 2

The success of LoL comes from the company itself. Even in their spare time, the employees come at work…to relax! As for the future of the game, the developers have ambitious plans. Even if some hurried to proclaim the end of the game especially since other newer games came in force from behind, but there is always something new to do every day for the players of LoL, which just can’t get enough of playing more.

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