DotA 2 dictionary to slang or What the hell are you saying?


You might be new to Dota or you might be not, but there is always an abundance
of terms that players create to keep communication as smooth as possible.
Even if it’s preferable to use the voice chat in game, there is always the
possibility that someone on your team is lacking a microphone or doesn’t speak the
same language. There are times when someone types “inc sb sb” or “ss top” and
knowing what that means can be the difference between life and death. But do not be
discouraged, the Geeks are here to help! For that purpous here are some of the most
common terms used in the European/American scenes:

top;bot;mid – the three lanes on the map, following the logical reasoning
farm lane/safe lane – the longest lane on your side (bot for radiant, top for dire)
offlane/hard lane – the short lane on your side (top for radiant, bot for dire)
woods/jungle – the are between lanes where neutral creeps spawn
rune – the rune that spawns at the two preset locations on the map, in the river
to the left and right of the middle lane

Hero Roles:
carry – the hero that is supposed to farm and usually gets to kill the enemy
support/sup – the hero that is supposed to farm less but help the team with crucial
support (wards, smoke, support items)
midder – the hero that goes mid
offlaner – the hero that goes on the offlane
ganker/roamer – the hero that roams around the map to help/make kills on unsuspecting
heroes on other lanes
initiator – the hero that has abilities that help him start the fight

ss – missing, usually followed by the lane that the enemy hero is absenting
ss? – meaning an ally usually got ganked by the hero on your lane that you
forgot to call missing
nuke – the usage of high damage spells on a target
farm – the action of last hitting a creep to gain its money
farmed – a hero that has had a lot of farm and has now many items ahead of others
def – defend a certain area
pull – hitting a camp of neutral creeps near your lane and baiting them to follow you
as to make your creeps attack them and deviate into the jungle
stack – pulling a camp at the right time (.53 or .55 usually) so that another set
of creeps can appear and add up to the ones you pulled
gank – go on another lane to help the hero there by surprising and killing an enemy
b – get back, usually because the area is unsafe or you are getting ganked
tp – teleport to a structure or creep using your town portal scroll or boots of travel
push – constantly attacking creeps and/or spamming spells as to get near the enemy
structures and destroy them
ult – your most powerful spell, usually on the R button and unlocked at level 6
oom – out of mana
hp – hit points, the life a hero has
cd – spell is on cooldown, it can’t be used
fed – a hero that has gotten a lot of kills (for free) and now is ahead of you
juke – losing the enemy by out maneuvering him
wodota – jukeing your enemy, getting to their base, buying a tp scroll and successfully
tping to your base safely
bb – buyback
deny – killing an ally (creep or hero) with the attack action (A) and by doing so,
denying the enemy gold and experience
courier/chicken/donkey – the courier that brings you items
up cour – upgrade courier by buying the courier upgrade that makes him fly and grants
him a bonus to speed as well as the ability to get sped up
crow – the upgraded courier
bottle crow – using the courier to take your bottle back and forth from the base to
refill the bottle
reuse – when someone diverted the courier from you and wants to tell you to call
the courier again
xp – experience
lvl – level
rosh – Roshan, a bosslike neutral creep that grants major xp and gold to the team
that kills it and also drops the Aegis of Immortal, an item that grants a second
life to the one that picks it up
Aegis – Aegis of Immortal
invi – invisible hero
deward – the action of buying a sentry ward and plant it to see and destroy an enemy
cs – creep score, the number of creeps you have killed
ks – kill steal, better known as kill secure 😀
dive – attacking without regard of the enemy towers to get a kill
XPM – experience per minute
GPM – gold per minute
MMR – Match making rank

Calls to the enemy:
ff – finish fast
gg – good game
wp – well played
gl – good luck
hf – have fun
ez – easy (as in “it was easy”)


AA – Ancient Apparition
AM – Anti-Mage
BS – Bloodseeker
BH – Bounty Hunter
CK – Chaos Knight
CM – Crystal Maiden
DP – Death Prophet
DK – Dragon Knight
ES – Earth Spirit OR Earth Shaker – depends on who is in the game and/or context
Ember – Ember Spirit – not an ES
Wisp – Io
Kotl – Keeper of the Light
POTM – Mirana
NP – Nature’s Prophet
NS – Night Stalker
OD – Outworld Devourer
PA – Phantom Assassin
PL – Phantom Lancer
QOP – Queen of Pain
SK – Sand King
SD – Shadow Demon
SF – Shadow Fiend
SS – Shadow Shaman
SB – Spirit Breaker
Storm – Storm Spirit – not SS
WD – Witch Doctor
WK – Wraith King

Most of the heroes are also called by (usually the first) part of their name:
Ex: Alche – Alchemist or Clock – Clockwerk


Ac – Assault Cuirass
Agh – Aghanim Scepter
SB – Shadow Blade
BoT – Boots of Travel
Eul – Eul’s Scepter
MKB – Monkey King Bar
BKB – Black King Bar
BF – Battlefury
BM – Blademail
MOM – Mask of Madness
SnY – Sange and Yasha
Crit – Crysalys
Hex/Sheepstick – Scythe of Vyse

As in hero cases, many items are called by part of their name:
Ex: Urn – Urn of Shadows or Drums – Drums of Endurance

Remember, the world of DotA is growing and in constant evolution so be sure to keep up to date on the new terms. Communication is one of the keys to success in a team game!

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