Dota 2 community guides


Dota 2 has a community built on trust and camaraderie. At the tournaments you can see both the public and the players displaying true sportsmanship by a positive and friendly attitude. This shows how mature and friendly the community is as a whole. As such, we at DotaGeeks do not think ourselves outside of this community but instead embrace it. We are not gods, but men, and know how to relay on one another. We might not know all, but we know all who know a bit, and so, by piece together bits and pieces we can come to know a whole, to improve ourselves and the game as we march forth. Here are some places where your knowledge might improve:
The place where your statistics become reality.
The dota wiki.

Youtube channels:
The largest channel of dota 2 videos ranging from funny to professional, covers
a wide range of aspects.

Dota Watafak:
A collection of both fail and win clips win an interesting style to musical background.

The asian equivalent of DotaCinema.

Dota 2 Clips:
Dota 2 funny moments. Need to say more?

Erick Wright:the only way to play
A very interesting approach to some heroes as well as a very unique approach to

Wronchi Animation:
A very funny mini cartoon series about the difficulty of dota and mechanics.

A very interesting stream full of genuin comments and new ideas.

A new inspiring Dota Channel complete with short pro and fun clips.

Dota Comics:
If you need to fun to keep rolling, here is the place to start.

Thanks to Emily98 from the steam community for the picture.

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