The real name of the Alchemist is Razzil Darkbrew. A strange name, just like his appearance. Alchemist transmutes fallen enemies into gold, giving him the opportunity to be a very strong carry. His ultimate, Chemical Rage, helps a lot in this role also: when activated, Alchemist gains attack speed, movement speed and huge regeneration, basically fighting on steroids. In the right situation, he can also be used efficiently in the support role. He is surely one of the most interesting characters, probably because of his volatile skills, appearance and sayings.

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He is quite strong in the early game, because of his Unstable Concoction that helps him to gank with ease, by stunning and dealing damage, and his Acid Spray, that is very good in laning for zoning enemies out, farming and stopping pushes. His best position is probably in the mid lane, because he needs to farm constantly to put his third skill , Greevil’s Greed, to best use, and to rapidly gain levels. He can also thrive on the safe lane, in situations where levels are not a big priority. Greevil’s Greed helps him to gain a big net worth advantage from anybody else and he needs to stay in that position to be most effective, because, in the mid and late game, having an extra item or two in front of the enemy carry is mainly his biggest strength. He is not good at all when playing from behind.

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Chemistry is sacred for the Darkbrew family, which has a predestined name for it. However, while the Darkbrews had the technical skills, they were never as creative as Razzil. Our hero grew with potions and chemical reactions, but his main achievement was to produce gold through alchemy. Razzil failed spectacularly in transforming a mountain into gold, but he never quits. While in jail, Razzil had a dangerous ogre as his cell mate.

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Using his alchemy skills, he prepares a potion from molds found in the jail cell, giving it to the ogre to drink. The ogre entered a rage stage, demolishing the jail’s walls and escaping. After a while, the ogre was happy and even more willing to take another potion. Impressed by the results, Alchemist and ogre decided to continue to work together.
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