Anti-Mage is one of the most elusive characters in Dota and one of the most feared carries in late game. His name speaks for itself, being a dread for heroes that use a lot of mana. He is almost exclusively used in the safe lane, because he needs a lot of farm to be efficient. His Blink spell gives him a big advantage in avoiding ganks, which he desperately needs, as he is not too tanky and can easily be killed, and the opportunity to chase opponents for long distances across the map.

Mana Break burns mana with every basic attack and this is why enemies avoid trading blows with him, as they will quickly loose all of it. It is deceiving to think that he is hard to kill because of his Blink: while this spell does make him highly mobile, once he is involved in team fights or locked down, he can easily be killed. This makes him very item dependent, usually not coming to fights before he gets alt least two core items, Battle Furry and Manta Style most often. If he is not delayed enough in getting his items, he becomes very scary.

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His ultimate, Mana Void can be a huge nuke, dealing more damage with each missing mana point, a perfect complement with his mana draining first skill. It also provides a short stun. Spell shield gives him magic resistance. which makes him even a bigger threat to enemy caster type heroes.

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The monks of Turstarkuri watched helpless as the invaders destroyed the kingdoms, but they always remained above those meaningless fights. When the Legion of the Dead God came upon them to replace all the local beliefs with Nihilism, by awaking the dead and sending them upon the Turstarkuri, the monastery resisted only for two weeks.

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A few monks that bothered to get out of the meditation believed those are only demonic visions. They died on their silk pillows without even knowing what hit them. One young man survived, a pilgrim that came as an apprentice to look for wisdom. With a few manuscripts, he learned the skills required to fight the Dead God and the magic surrounding him.

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A good Anti Mage Guide and useful hints for Anti Mage in Dota 2:

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