Axe is one of the best initiators in Dota. His appearance tells you exactly the way he wants to fight, which is close and personal. With 625 level one hitpoins, he is probably the toughest tank to deal with, extremely hard to kill. In lanes he is almost every time dominant, especially against other melee heroes, as none of them want to get close to him.

His way of fighting is quite unique, as he is probably the only hero that wants to get hit. Counter Helix deal a lot of damage around him when he is attacked and with Berserker’s Call, enemies will do that even if when they don’t want to. If anyone on low hitpoins tries to escape afterwards, Battle Hunger is very useful in finishing them off, as it deals damage over time. It is also a good harassing spell. Escaping him will be even harder when he has his ultimate, Culling Blade, that kills opponents bellow a certain amount of hit points in one shot, skill known as a “dunk” in Dota community.

His low damage and even lower attack speed prevent him from becoming a carry, but his purpose is to dominate in early and mid game. Despite that, he can be very useful in late game, as he provides a lot of control in team fights, by forcing opponents to attack him instead his the carries in his team.

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Axe fought for the Army of Red Mist, his goal being to become the Red Mist General. Battle after battle, he proves himself worthy of the title, but the Red Army becomes smaller and smaller with every month spent in campaigns. His real name is Mogul Khan, but he decides to take the name Axe after decapitating many of his superiors in his quest to become the only General of the Army. After the Campaign of Thousand Tarns, Axe declares himself the new Red Mist General over a weakened and small army. Some of them died in battle, but the most of them were killed by Axe. Today, Axe is still the general, but his army is composed of only one person, himself.

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