Bane Elemental

Bane is an intelligence support very good with ganking, by using disabling spells to take the enemy heroes out of combat. His level by level growth is unique, being the only hero that increases his attributes and stats equally.

Here is the perfect Bane Elemental game made by Dendi from Na’Vi

With his third spell, Nightmare, he locks a target in place, preventing it from attacking, that provides huge ganking proneness, especially together with heroes like Lina, Mirana or Leshrac. His second spell, Brain Sap, takes life from an enemy and gives it to himself, making him able to both deal damage and stay in lane longer. The ultimate, Fiend’s Grip is as good as it’s hard to execute. It stops enemies from moving or taking any action, while draining life and mana out of them over five seconds. Enfeeble, the first spell, greatly reduces the damage of an enemy target, basically giving Bane the ability to take three heroes out of the fight, if all spells landed correctly.

Bane Elemental Dota 2 3

His weakness is his durability and his channeling ultimate that can be easily canceled. It’s very hard to cast many spells in team fights in the most effective order, but once he does that he can be a one man wrecking crew.

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Also named Atropos, Bane was born from the terrors of the goddess Nyctasha. When Bane was born from the sleep of Nyctasha, he fed with her immortality and took the vapor shape from her blood. The mortals who hear his voice hear their deepest secret. Bane takes his powers from fear, and each hero remembers to be afraid of the dark when they see him.

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Bane Elemental Dota 2

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