One of the most resistant heroes to physical damage, Batrider is impressive from other points of view also. He is an intelligent ranged hero with a great capacity to harass opponents, being perfect for the beginning of the game to slow down the development of the enemies. Before attempting a kill, Batrider uses Sticky Napalm to slow the enemy. However, Batrider is used as a support hero and usually does not use his abilities. Batrider is perfect to finish enemies that are already dying with the Flamebreak. Batrider also has the Firefly ability, which allows him to pass through impassable grounds and to cripple enemies at the same time. The Flaming Lasso is also a weapon to fear, especially when used to catch enemies and to bring them closer to the allies which will finish the target. All those weapons used together make Batrider one of the best support heroes in Dota 2.

Here is a great game of Dota 2 with Batrider made by Funn1k from Natus Vincere

Batrider 2

Batrider 3

Batrider 4

Batrider 5

Batrider 6

Batrider 7

Batrider 8


Batrider 1

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