700   gold

Use: Regenerate – Consumes a charge to restore Health and Mana over time. Healing stops if attacked. Bottle can be refilled at your team’s fountain. Runes can be stored in the Bottle for later use, and are activated automatically after 2 minutes. If Bottle does not have full charges and is placed on a courier, the courier will move 30% slower.Hold Control to use Regenerate on an allied hero. Stored runes cannot be shared.


By faar the best way to sustain yourself in the lane, the Bottle is a key component for a lot of mid heroes. It can also save you or your allies from bad situations and it can help you get kills. Rune control is very important here, to keep your Bottle filed up constantly. You can do that with the help of your courier as well, but you prefer to do it as less as posible. Another great thing about it is the fact that you can carry a rune with you an use it when you need it the most. Popping up a Double Damage rune at the begining of a team fight can change the outcome completly.

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