After living for centuries in the heart of the desert, the outlaw tribes worshipping goddess Hazhadal Barrens learned the secrets of animal enthrallment. As one of the members of the tribe, Chen learned this ancient form of husbandry which allowed him to tame the fierce burrowing dragons.

When the tribe decided to find new land to settle, they had to battle the armored Knights of the Fold. Many died in that battle and it seemed like the faith of the desert people was sealed. The armored Knights killed the dragons and captured many, including Chen. When he was given the option to convert and to join the Fold, he took it as an alternative to death. He embraced his new beliefs with fanaticism, and combined with his skills in husbandry, he became one of the most feared fighters in the world.

Chen Dota 2 (1)

Chen Dota 2 (2)

Chen Dota 2 (2)

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Chen Dota 2 (1)

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