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Dark Seer sounds like a name of a Sith from Star Wars, and if we look at the characteristics of the Dota 2 character Dark Seer, we will understand why. By his real name Ish’Kafel the Dark Seer, this hero relies only on his mind when fighting, not on melee or range weapons. He is skilled in turning the odds of the battle in his advantage. Nobody knows where he is from, but he likes to talk about a place named ‘The Land behind the Wall’, where he was probably born.

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Dark Seer was the defender of the king Damathryx, doing his job for years until his army is defeated by a larger troop at the end of the Great Boundaries War. Dark Seer takes a risky decision of luring the enemy forces in the maze between the walls. When he was about to be captured, he crossed the walls of the maze, sealing it forever. The spell was powerful enough to save his people, but he was also sent to this world with no chances to return on the places he loved so much. Now, his only goal is to use his mental forces to fight this new world where he lives in, and to survive hoping he can one day return home.

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A very intriguing hero, Dark Seer requires some skill in order to play it well: it’s not usually a begginer’s choiche. With only casting abilities, timing and positioning is everything with him. His first spell, Vacuum doesn’t do a lot of damage, but has incredible usefullnes, if casted correctly: it can bring enemies closer or push them away or it can send them off a cliff, but the most important part of it is bringing them together in one tight spot: this works wonderfully together with almost any other AOE spell in the game.

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Iron Shell is a very good skill for many reasons: easy to farm creeps in the lane without even being there or easy to zone enemies out of the lane. No one wants to sit next to you while Iron Selled in the early stage of the game, and with the help of his third spell, Surge, opponents can’t even run from it. Surge is excellent for moving arround the map, escaping or closing in, and it can be casted on an ally.

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His ultimate is not the strong part of the hero, but it can be very usefull in the right situation. Even if you Vacuum all enemies into the wall, the damage output of the replicas is not much, because they can just run away, but in a combination with an AOE lockdown (or slow) spell, that can keep them close to the wall for longer periods of time, it can be deadly.

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