Elder Titan

Why is the earth as it is? Why all the creations of God have the shape they have? The answer is not simple, and mortals will probably never be able to find it, but we all know the answers lies with the Titans.

The Titans were on Earth since the beginning, some saying they witnessed the original creation. Created by the early energies of the universe, the Titans wished nothing more than to continue the process of creation. Using massive hammers and heating, bending and blasting, they created tools and devices never seen on Earth before. When they mastered the usage of tools, they started using those on themselves, changing their minds and shapes in any way they wanted. They forged and reforged their minds until they became beings of great endurance. Ultimately, they tried to shape the reality, but in this case, mistakes can’t be avoided.

The Elder Titan is an innovator, one of the best shapers of the Titans. In his quest for new creations, he shattered something that can’t be unbroken. It is the reason for which the world looks like it looks today. The Elder Titan never forgot this mistake which changed the faith of humankind forever, spending his time trying to find a way to repair the mistake.

Elder Titan (2)

Elder Titan (2)

Elder Titan (3)

Elder Titan (4)

Elder Titan (5)

Elder Titan (6)

Elder Titan (7)

Elder Titan (8)

Elder Titan (1)

Elder Titan (1)

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