Magic can be considered a game of mind, which does not require weapons or technology. The mind of the magician is everything required. All the rituals and traditions in magic have the goal of creating the right mind setup required for a magician to unlock a certain spell or power.

The greatest wizards of the ancient times were those that were able to remember many things, including the complex invocations required to specialize in certain spells. The most skilled wizards were able to remember and use three or four spells, while the common ones barely knew two of them. The majority of villages had one mage able to cast one spell, but even for that, the wizard had to read his memories to remember the important parts.

Among the early wizards and researchers of witchcraft, there was one talented exception: the Invoker. He was the one to know and cast ten spells even since he was a teenager. The most powerful spell known to man at that time was the Sempiternal Cantrap, a spell designed to offer longevity to the caster. Many of people which are under the effect of this spell live even today, but they withdrew from the world, living in solitude and hiding their secrets. It was not the case for Invoker, who is perfectly aware of his power and skills; therefore he does not need to hide this characteristic of his.

Invoker (2)

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Invoker (1)

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