Io is an almighty presence among us. He is considered a great fear by his enemies; he is worshipped by his apprentices, being able to take a divine shape and to occupy all the planes at the same time. While he is a presence everywhere, he is also present in the physical world that we know to humankind.

Io is the Wisp and the Fundament of the universe, a force that wondered on the realms trying to understand the world in its deepest secrets. Io is able to use the same force and spell to cast enhancing positive powers to his allies, but also deadly rays of energy to his foes. His strength can’t be measured, so it is a good idea to move from his path whenever you meet him.

Io Dota (3)

Io Dota (4)

Io Dota (5)

Io Dota (6)

Io Dota (7)

Io Dota (1)

Io Dota (1)

Io Dota (2)

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