Ogre Magi

Ogres are considered some of the dumbest creatures in the realm, but there are some exceptions confirming the rule. An ogre is incapable of taking decisions, being the one that has to follow what others say. He is not a social creature, and he can often be seen offering ‘affection’ to boulders of tree-stumps which he has mistaken for a beautiful ogre lady, but as the ogre ladies are rare, we can explain the slow rate of reproduction of ogres in this way. When a two-headed ogre is born once in a generation, he gets the name Aggron Stonebreak, which is the first wise ogre in the history.

A two-headed ogre is not only smarter than his kin, but also smarter than many other creatures. The Ogre magi wins any argument, although the majority of arguments he has are with himself. Besides that, the Ogre magi is blessed with incredible luck, appearing behind others and being protected by the invisible hand of the Goddess of Luck. Those kinds of Ogres are the ones perpetuating the species and showing that ogres still have a chance to survive in this world…end even to become smarter as a species!

Ogre Magi (2)

Ogre Magi (3)

Ogre Magi (4)

Ogre Magi (5)

Ogre Magi (1)

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