Omniknight was known as Purist Thundrewrath, a skilled and experienced knight sworn to the order of the Omniscience, the All Seeing Ones which were considered some of the smartest people in the realm. They had a great reputation and their fight was considered holy. It was his duty never to question the beliefs of the order, and to defend those with the price of his life if required.
When the elders started to pass away, Thundrewrath realized the inevitable ending of those beliefs. Digging grave after grave, he realized that the All Seeing Ones were disappearing one after the other. The enemies of the Omniscience realized the weakness of the group, and ambushed those with plague and bad water.

Thunderwrath started to question his pledge and the beliefs he had all his life. After long meditation, he took all his faithful knights and went to the cliffs of Emauracus, to meet the priests of the Omniscience in person, and to ask them about the goal of their fight. No knight of the order had the courage to do that before. When he arrived, the Omniscience revealed itself and took the knight on a long journey to the deepest chamber of the Emauracus. Here the knight learned that all the stones, walls and even plants were created by Omniscience, as well as the entire Earth. Listening to the All Seeing One, Omniknight felt sorry for questioning the order, and decided not to do that again. Perhaps the priest of Omniscience was a liar, but it worked. The knight still fights even today, defending an order that might not even exist anymore.

Omniknight (1)

Omniknight (1)

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