Pit Lord Dota 1

Azgalor is one of the power focused heroes in Dota 1, being capable of inflicting serious damage to foes and friends. Every one of his actions is massive. He can trap multiple enemies at once, he has the rain fire ability and he can make bodies explode. It is a great combination of skills that satisfies the need of the Pit Lord for death and destruction. He is the valuable leader of the Undead, always present in the middle of the battle.

He is one of the regents of Lord Archimonde, but condemned to remain in a physical state once the Legion was defeated in Kalimdor. However, he was allowed to accept the Lich King’s invitation to lead the Scourge into battle. With such a powerful command of scourges and with his individual skills, there is no surprise that Pit Lord was one of the most feared heroes in DotA 1

Recently, it has been announced that Pit Lord will also be introduced in DotA 2 before the International 2016.

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