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Ludwig Wahlberg (zai) is the proud representative of Europe in Dota 2. Even with the Chinese and Eastern Asian beginning of domination in Dota 2, the game is still the one of Europeans. The Swedish talented player born in 1997 is here to prove that, and his previous performances make him a player to fear in Dota. However, he is known in the world of e-sports since he was playing Heroes of Newerth, winning DramHoN in 2012. When Dota 2 appeared, he teamed up with HoN forming Team Free, and later the Super Strong Dinosaurs. In January 2014, he formed S A D B O Y S, winning 16 games in their first 20 days of playing together. This attracted the attention of Evil Geniuses. However, he didn’t spend too much time with the Geniuses and moved to form Team Secret in a new quest for Dota 2 glory.

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